Saturday, August 29, 2009

...And We Have a Name

So, I was sitting on the couch this afternoon, going through the list of names Missy, Jason, and I had compiled, when something popped into my head that I needed to write down. Once that section had been written out, my character was finally able to recieve his name! I'm not at a stand-still at the moment! Hooray!

I bought some index cards yesterday, and sat down at the table this evening to fill out my "storyboard". I was having some troubles filling in the gaps from one point toward the end of my story and the actual end. The index cards helped a lot! I highly recommend using index cards to map out a plot if you find yourself getting stuck here and there. You write a sentence or two describing a scene on each card, what ever pops into your head. Once all your scenes have been put onto paper, you lay out your cards and find the most logical sequence for the events. Once they are layed out in the order that makes the most sense to you and then you are able to actually see where you need to fill in any gaps in your plotline. I think I used about half the deck for my story, but, it would have been more had I not already had sections of my story 'completed'.

Well, I am off to write a bit before I call it a night! I hope my stalls are out of the way for now. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


I hate that one of my characters does not have a name that fits him, yet. My story has stalled for the moment, just because I don't have his name and he is crucial to the story. I tried just throwing a name in there so I could get my story out of my head and onto the computer screen, but his scenes don't feel right because his name is not.

Ah, the frusterations of writing, one miniscual detail can totally throw off your entire groove. I am currently working with my best friend and my husband to namethis character and it is getting closer, but there is still not much I can do with the storyline at this point because he is involved in most of it and writing the wrong name makes his character feel a bit flat there. HMPH!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Adventure

With no internet for a month and having just finished reading my latest book series, I decided to try my hand at writing once again. I began going through my old writing projects and found some useable material. I had a slight idea, based on a dream.
I knew the place I began writing was not the beginning. I have a few sections already developing. I decided that I work better when I write what is in my mind, rather than in any sort of order. I know the end and the first big chunk of story. I am excited to see how everything turns out in my written world.
Jason has been helping me with discovering more about my characters and the general story. I have been able to discuss ideas with him that have led to developments for a second and possibly even a third story.
I will be posting thoughts I have regarding my writing process and using this site as an online journal just to write anything that comes to mind. I hope to be able to finish the first draft of this story within the next two months.
Keep watching as I will be running ideas that I may need some feedback on. Thank you for reading and I will try to get on here tonight to write more coherently once all the children in the house are asleep.